Syn.: Adonanthe vernalis (L.) Spach, Chrysocyathus vernalis (L.) Holub
Family: Ranunculaceae Juss.

Adonis vernalis

Distribution: Pannonic area of Central Europe, Eastern Europe and West Siberia.

Ecology: It grows on sunny slopes and bushy ravines on limestone soils. Flowers from April to May.

Description: A perennial herb, 10–40 cm high, with an erect stem. The leaves are sessile, finely divided, flowers solitary to 8 cm in diameter, of 10–20 elongated yellow petals. The fruit is an achene.

Threat and protection: Adonis vernalis is a strictly protected plant in some countries (CZ, SK).

Note: This plant is poisonous, in ancient times was used to treat venereal diseases and heart disorders. Cultivated in the gardens for ornament.

Adonis vernalisAdonis vernalis
Adonis vernalis

These images were taken in the Czech Republic, Čejkovické Špidláky, Děvín, Pouzdřanská step (from 5. 4. to 10. 5. 2003 and 12. 4. 2004).