Syn.: Sempervivum glandulosum Ait., Sempervivum patina Lowe, Aeonium meyerheimii Bolle
Family: Crassulaceae J. St.-Hil.

Aeonium glandulosum

Distribution: An endemic species of Portuguese islands Madeira, Porto Santo and Desertas.

Ecology: It grows on rocks and cliffs, mainly on the north coast of Madeira, in the Laurisilva, and at highest altitudes of Madeira. It blooms from June to August.

Description: A biennial to perennial herb with a very short stem. The leaves in a dense rosette are obovate to rhomboidal-spatulate, succulent, up to 10 cm long. The flowers in large, ramose panicle, emerging from the centre of the rosette, petals yellow, red-spotted.

Aeonium glandulosumAeonium glandulosum
Aeonium glandulosum
Aeonium glandulosum

These images were taken in Portugal, Madeira, Levada dos Piornais and cliff near Seixal (June 28, 2005).