Syn.: Cepa flava (L.) Moench, Codonoprasum flavum (L.) Rchb., Kalabotis flavum (L.) Raf.
Family: Alliaceae Agardh
Allium flavum
Distribution: Southern Europe and southern parts of Central Europe, Caucasus.
Ecology: Grows on sunny slopes and rocks at lower altitudes. Flowers from July to September.
Description: Perennial herb with a bulb, 20–60 cm high. Stem erect, leaves linear, grey-green to 0,3 cm wide. Flowers yellow, bell-shaped. Fruit is an ovoid capsule.
Threat and protection: Endangered species in the Czech Republic.
Allium flavumAllium flavum
Allium flavumAllium flavum
These images were taken in Czechia, Moravia, Brno, Hády (from 10. 7. to 1. 8. 2003).