Family: Ranunculaceae Juss.

Anemone drummondii

Distribution: North American species, limited to the western part of the continent, from Alaska through British Columbia and Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California and Nevada.

Ecology: As one of the common names suggests, it is an alpine flower found in mountain meadows, slopes and ridges in elevations from 1000 to 2100 m.

Anemone drummondii

Description: Perennial herb, stems 10–20 cm tall from a thick rootstock, usually erect; 5–15 basal leaves, 2-ternate, wedge-shaped, margins incised, finely hairy, about 3 cm long. Inflorescence 1–2 flowered, peduncle hairy, bracts 3–4 in 1 row, corolla 12–16 mm across, sepals 5–9, white; petals absent; stamens numerous, whitish; styles white. Seed head of achenes usually spheric, rarely cylindric; achenes not winged but wooly.

Possible confusion: Very variable species sometimes closely resembling A. multifida, except for the size.

Note: The specific name is after Thomas Drummond, Scottish plant collector and naturalist.

Anemone drummondii
Anemone drummondiiAnemone drummondii

These images were taken in Canada, Alberta, Plateau Mountain (July 2011).