Syn.: Anthemis cypricola H. Lindb.
Family: Asteraceae Bercht. et J. Presl

Anthemis tricolor

Distribution: Endemic species of Cyprus, common in many lowland areas of the island.

Ecology: It grows on dry stony and rocky habitats, or at margins of forests, mostly on limestone, from the coast to elevations of 850 m. It blooms from February to May.

Anthemis tricolor

Description: A perennial spreading herb with angular, hairy stems growing to 10–40 cm long. The leaves are alternate, petiolate, 1–2-pinnatisect, the segments are narrowly lanceolate to linear, greyish, densely hairy. Flower heads are single, relatively large, ray florets are white, disk florets are tubular, pink. The fruit is an achene without a pappus.

Anthemis tricolorAnthemis tricolor
Anthemis tricolor

These images were taken in Cyprus, British Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri, south from the salt lake (28. 3. 2010).