Family: Aristolochiaceae Juss.

Aristolochia clematitis

Distribution: Indigenous in Southern Europe and in southern areas of Central Europe, Asia Minor and Caucasus. Naturalized in all Central Europe, introduced in Northern America.

Ecology: Grows on banks of rivers, as weed on fields and wastelands.

Description: Perennial herb with an erect stem, 20–100 cm high. The leaves are petiolate, cordate. The flowers (2–8) in axils of leaves, at first erect, later drooping, corolla tubular, yellow, flowers from May to July. The fruit is a pear-shaped capsule.

Note: Poisonous plant, formerly cultivated as a medicinal plant.

Aristolochia clematitisAristolochia clematitis
Aristolochia clematitisAristolochia clematitis

These images were taken in Slovakia, Brodské (May 6, 2006).