Syn.: Armeria maritima subsp. maderensis (Lowe) Bern.
Family: Plumbaginaceae Juss.

Armeria maderensis

Distribution: An endemic plant of Portuguese island Madeira.

Ecology: Inhabits rocky areas at highest altitudes in mountainous central region of Madeira. Flowers from June to August.

Description: A perennial herb. The leaves are linear, acute, glabrous, 7–12,5 cm in length, stem glabrous or pubescent, 25–45 cm long, the flowers in dense, spherical heads, 2–3 cm in diameter, the corolla is pink.

Armeria maderensisArmeria maderensis
Armeria maderensisArmeria maderensis

These images were taken in Portugal, Madeira, Pico do Arieiro (June 30, 2005).