Syn.: Diplactis alpina (L.) Semple
Family: Asteraceae Bercht. et J. Presl
Aster alpinus
Distribution: Circumpolar distribution, mountain areas of Europe, Asia and Northern America.
Ecology: It grows on rocks and stony slopes, from foothills to subalpine altitudinal zone. Flowers from July to August.
Description: A perennial herb with an erect and unbranched stem, 10–20 cm high. The leaves are entire, spathulate to lanceolate, sessile, hairy, capitulla up to 4 cm in diameter, disc flowers yellow, tubular, ray ones strap-shaped, violet-blue. The fruit is an achene.
Threat and Protection: The Alpine Aster is a protected plant in some countries (A, CH, CZ, D, I).
Note: The Alpine Aster is a very popular plant, often grown in rock gardens or used for edging in the perennial border.
Aster alpinusAster alpinus
Aster alpinus
These images were taken in Czechia, the Hrubý Jeseník, Velká kotlina and Austria, the Raxalpe (date: 17. 7. and 18. 8. 2004).