Syn.: Barbarea intermedia var. gautieri Rouy et Foucaud
Family: Brassicaceae Burnett

Barbarea bracteosa

Distribution: It occurs on the Balkan Peninsula, from Greece and southwestern part of Bulgaria on the west, in Italy (incl. Sicilia), Malta and southeastern France.

Ecology: It grows in meadows, pastures, subalpine and alpine grasslands, from 500 to 2200 m a. s. l., mostly in mountians, calciphilous. Flowers from April to July.

Barbarea bracteosa
Description: Glabrous, up to 50 cm tall, biennial or perennial herb. The leaves are lyrate-pinnatifid, lower with 2–5 pairs of lateral leaflets, terminal leaflet ovate to elliptic, dentate. The inflorescence is a bracteate raceme, the sepals 2.5 mm, the petals 5 mm. The fruit is a siliqua, 15–30 × 1–2 mm, the valves with distinct median vein, the pedicels 2–4(–6) mm.

Barbarea bracteosaBarbarea bracteosa
Barbarea bracteosa

These images were taken in Albania, the Prokletije (June 25 and 27, 2011).