Syn.: Anthericum frutescens L., Bulbine caulescens L.
Family: Asphodelaceae Juss.

Bulbine frutescens

Distribution: Indigenous species of South Africa – from Cape Town to Swaziland and Limpopo. Genus Bulbine contains about 50 species – most of them from Africa, only 5 species from Australia.

Ecology: Dry, sandy or rocky areas, often on poor soils.

Description: Perennial herb up to 45 cm high, succulent grey-green leaves in basal clump, star-shaped yellow or orange flowers. Bulbine has a very long flowering period.

Use: The clear gel or sap from leaves is traditionally remedy for mosquito bites and to heal cuts, burns, rashes and eczema.

Bulbine frutescensBulbine frutescens
Bulbine frutescensBulbine frutescens

Photo 26. 6. 2005 (Portugal, Madeira, periphery of Funchal).