Family: Ericaceae Juss.
Calluna vulgaris
Distribution: All of Europe – from the Azores to the Urals, and Western Siberia. Naturalized in Northern America and New Zealand.
Habitat: It grows on heaths, bogs, moors, pastures, in open woods and on rocks, on acid soils, from lowland to mountains.
Description: A low shrub, 15–50 cm high, densely leafy. The leaves are very small, 3 mm long, linear, glabrous. The flowers are in one-sided racemes, drooping, purple, flowers from July to September. The fruit is a capsule.
Use: The flowers or the flowering stems are used medicinally.
Note: Often cultivated in gardens as an ornamental plant.
Calluna vulgarisCalluna vulgaris
Calluna vulgarisCalluna vulgaris
Photos: 10. 7. and 5. 9. 2003 (Czechia, the Hrubý Jeseník, Velká kotlina; the Bohemian Forest, Modrava).