Syn.: Convolvulus sepium L.
Family: Convolvulaceae Juss.

Calystegia sepium

Distribution: Almost all of Europe (except the northernmost areas), Western and Central Asia (Western Siberia, Caucasus, Asia Minor, Kazakhstan), Northern America. Naturalized in Southern Africa and Australia.

Ecology: Grows in hedges, fens, damp thickets and wastelands, from lowlands to mountains.

Description: Perennial herb with creeping and climbing stem, 100–250(–300) cm long. The leaves are triangular ovate to sagittate up to 10 cm long. The large flowers are white, rarely pinkish, funnel-shaped, grow on long stalks in the leaf axils, corolla 5–7 cm long, flowers from June to September. The fruit is a globose capsule.

Calystegia sepiumCalystegia sepium
Calystegia sepium

Photos: July 2005 (Czechia, Southern Moravia, vicinity of the river Dyje).