Syn.: Campanula baumgartenii J. Becker subsp. bohemica (Hruby) Tacik, Campanula corcontica Šourek, Campanula scheuchzeri auct. non Vill.
Family: Campanulaceae Juss.
Campanula bohemica
Distribution: Central Europe – an endemic species of the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) in Czechia and Poland.
Ecology: It grows on acidophilous mountain meadows, from altitudes of 800 to 1500 m. Flowers from July to September.
Description: A perennial herb with an erect stem, (10–)15–25(–40) cm high. The basal leaves are petiolate, ovate-cordate, stem ones narrow lanceolate. The flowers are blue-violet, 2–5 in raceme, the corolla bell-shaped, 16–25 mm long. The fruit is a capsule.
Threat and protection: Campanula bohemica is a strictly protected plant in the Czech Republic.
Campanula bohemicaCampanula bohemica
Campanula bohemica
These images were taken in Czechia, Bohemia, Krkonoše, Sněžka and Obří důl (28. 7. 2007).