You can ask why so poetic title? The hill Bořeň is not by far the highest one in the Czech Central Mountains (Czech name: České středohoří), but is surely one of the most expressive hills there. Bořeň is national nature reserve since 1977. Under the hill in the north-east is situated Bílina town.

Nature reserve Číčov (height 413–477 metres above sea level) seems rather smaller. This is because the surrounding landscape is also in higher sea level. The difference between the surrounding ladnscape and the hill is only 70 metres. This hill is nearby the village named Hořenec from its leads the path up to the top of the hill (Northern Bohemia).

Do you often walk across bridges? The life without bridges would limit our existence to the single bank of the river. This small piece of the universe, whose purpose is apparently nothing more than a path that leads you to the people on the other side, shows much more magic than it may seem at the first sight. Let’s try to find out together – let’s take a walk across the probably the most famous bridge and see something different.

I dare say that who does not like bridges, does not like people, too. The bridge can be never product of a misanthrope, dissembler, or detractor. „Go!“ – the bridge builder exclaims – „the sky is the same everywhere! So run to the other side of the river and see how people are the same anywhere!“ In our online journey for flowers of bridges we have previously visited the most famous Czech bridge, the Charles Bridge in Prague. Let’s look now at the oldest bridge.

Chudenická Bažantnice (Pheasantry of Chudenice) is situated about 3 km far from Chudenice (Western Bohemia). It was flunder by the noble family of Czernin in 1719. The primary area was much larger than the recent one. It reached the Lázeň castle. There was the seat of the gamekeeper. Two pools were established in Bezpravovice brook.

Natural monument Stará Úhlava is situated nearly 2 km far from Švihov in the east part of the region Western Bohemia. It is protected for the cutoff of the river Úhlava and wetlands around it.

National reserve is situated in the north-east part of the region Běleč (Western Bohemia). It is protected for 200 years old beech growth with typical vegetation.

Nature reserve is situated in the south-west part of Bělýšovský forest beyond Slatina and Balkovy (Western Bohemia).

Nature reserve Zlatník, is situated in the district of the city of Most, near by villages Obrnice, Patokryje and České Zlatníky (Czechia). This area is proposed to become a national nature reserve.