Everybody has an idea about the size of USA, that’s the fact. These gigantic areas of land are also commensurate with the size of protected areas which is reflected in all the national, state and regional parks, monuments and natural preserves. The total of these protected areas exceeds 200,000 km2; the largest national park in US (Wrangel-St.Elias) is bigger than Slovakia, and the third largest protected area of Denali National Park and Preserve is almost as big as present state of Macedonia.

If you heard about Canyon de Chelly, I’m sure you would like to see it.

While visiting New Orleans and enjoying its history, culture, Mardi Gras, drinking and variety of local music, all nature oriented people would naturally want to see the wetlands and magic of the Mississippi Delta. And the history and the swamps are to be found in Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve.

Bryce Canyon National Park is located in southern Utah. The park was established by proclamation in 1928. The protected area is 145 km2. The upper edge of the plateau varies between 2400 and 2700 m of elevation and the park elevation is between 2000 and 2775 m above sea level. That is a bit higher than the neighbouring Zion National Park. The park was named after a Mormon homesteader Ebenezer Bryce who lived here in 1870s.

Although Capitol Reef is not in the focus of the Four Corners and is a little way off the main route between the other parks in the area, it is well worth the trip from the east across the Green River desert. Green River desert is the most monotonous landscape without features a devoid of the colours you expect in this area. However, when you reach Capitol Reef you are definitely rewarded with arrays of red, orange and purple rock formations including a pale rock dome which gave the park its name, because it resembles the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, or any capitol building in most of the states.

Cedar Breaks National Monument is located in vicinity of Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in southern Utah. If you era visiting one of these parks it is just a short excursion to go to this unique high elevation park.

Zion National Park is located in southern Utah near Springdale. It is very close to Bryce Canyon NP and Cedar Breaks National Monument and you might as well visit all three parks one after another. The park was established in 1919 and it makes it the oldest national park in Utah. It was named for the prevalent religious bias of the time.