Almost everybody travelling to Vancouver Island will ask where they can find Butchart Gardens. Butchart gardens are located a few kilometers north of Victoria. Even if they are not a real botanical garden, they are a show you will not forget. They were designated National Historic Site of Canada.

Very close to downtown Calgary, the largest city of Canadian province of Alberta, you can find a unique garden from the first half of twentieth century, which makes it the oldest still operating garden in western Canada. This is no exaggeration as the longest existing botanical garden in Canada, in Vancouver, was founded only in 1916. Present area of Reader Rock Garden is 1.5 ha and it was started by the superintendent of Calgary parks, William Roland Reader, who kept constructing it in years 1913 to 1943. It is located just south of Stampede Grounds, on the northern slope of the Cemetery hill.

Americká zahrada (the American Garden) is situated in the forest Žďár under the view-tower Bolfánek about 2 km far from Chudenice (Western Bohemia).

The Royal Garden with Queen Anne’s Summer Residence is a part of the gardens of the Prague Castle. It replaced an old vineyard and was founded by Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg. Its purpose was to organize the king’s court and also to collect exotic plants from distant countries.

The Vrtba Garden (Vrtbovská zahrada) you can find – together with three other Baroque gardens (Vratislav, Schönborn and Lobkowicz) – on the slope of the Petřín Hill. It is accessible from the Karmelitská street. It belongs to the most important and certainly the most famous baroque gardens of Prague. Has an area of 0.31 hectares and lies at an altitude of 197 m to 212 m.

I like Prague and absolutely best place for me is Prague’s district Smíchov. Anyone who likes diversity must love Smíchov. I like the local relatively dense of bookstores network, as well as cafes and pubs, but I am also attracted by local Italian pizzerias, Chinese bistros and Vietnamese shops. I’m glad they’re here practical institutions, such as a printer of newspapers and magazines or monument of the Czech writer Jakub Arbes. I like it when the children prognosticate in tram on the National Avenue on which level the Fountain at the Palace of Justice will spout water today. I love a bearded man who always, when going around the shop-window of the cafes in Švanda Theatre, stick out to all its guests his long tongue. I am very happy with looking at Smíchov Art Noveau, but sometimes I go and take a look at the butcher’s shop window named „The funny animals“. So I believe that I explained properly, that only a complete grumbler can hate Smíchov.

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful city on the coast of the state of Jalisco inside a broad bay. It is known primarily for facilities for tourism. People come to enjoy long beaches of fine sand, five stars hotels and fine mexican cuisine. They probably come across a botanical garden by accident only.