Syn.: Dianthus caesius subsp. moravicus (Kovanda) Holub
Family: Caryophyllaceae Juss.
Dianthus moravicus

Dianthus moravicus

Distribution: An endemic species of the Central Europe, it grows rarely only in a small area in Southwestern Moravia and probably in Northeastern Austria.
Ecology: It grows on rocks and sunny slopes rising above rivers, in foothills. It prefers northern exposure. Flowers from May to June.
Description: A perennial, densely tufted herb, 10–25 cm high. The leaves are linear-pointed, gray-green. The flowers are fragrant, calyx is cylindrical, green to violescent, petals are pink, toothed at tip. The fruit is a capsule.
Threat and Protection: The Moravian Pink is a strictly protected plant in the Czech Republic.
Dianthus moravicus
These images were taken in Czechia, Southern Moravia (May 12 and 21, 2003).