Syn.: Dictamnus fraxinella Pers., Fraxinella dictamnus Moench
Family: Rutaceae Juss.

Dictamnus albus

Distribution: Eurasian species – Southern and Central Europe, Western a Central Asia, China.

Ecology: Grows on sunny and dry slopes and forested steppes on lime-rich soils. It flowers from May to June.

Description: Perennial, aromatic herb. Stem erect, 40–100 cm tall. Leaves odd-pinnate, leaflets ovate or lanceolate, dark green. Flowers in terminal racemes, petals purple or white. The fruit is a capsule.

Threat and protection: Dictamnus albus is a strictly protected plant in Czechia, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland.

Note: The essential oil of Dictamnus is inflammable, can also cause allergic skin reactions in hypersensitive individuals.

Dictamnus albusDictamnus albus
Dictamnus albusDictamnus albus

These images were taken in Czechia, Brno, Hády and Brno, Říčky (from 29. 5. to 15. 6. 2003) and Bořetice (29. 5. 2004).