Family: Rosaceae Juss.
Dryas octopetala

Dryas octopetala

Distribution: Northern and mountain areas of Europe and Asia.
Habitat: Grows on rocks, screeps, and grassy slopes, on limestone soils, from mountains to alpine zones.
Description: Shrub with stems forming cushion-like tufts, several centimetres high. The leaves are petiolate, ovate, leathery, with rounded teeth, on underside white, upper surface is green. The flowers are solitary, on erect stalks, 3–10 cm long, petals most often 8, flowers from June to July. The fruits is an achene with hairy appendages.
Endangering and Protection: The Mountain Avens is a protected in some countries (CH, I, SK).
Note: Often cultivated in the gardens.
Dryas octopetalaDryas octopetala
Dryas octopetala
Photos: 13. 6. 2004 (by Ladislav Kovář: Slovakia, Malá Fatra) and 20. 8. 2006 (by Jindřich Houska, fruits: Austria, Totesgebirge).