Syn.: Gagea sylvatica Loud., Ornithogalum luteum L., Solenarium luteum (L.) Dulac, Stellaster luteus (L.) Kuntze
Family: Liliaceae Juss.

Gagea lutea

Distribution: Europe (excluding the northernmost areas), Asia (Central Asia, Japan).

Ecology: It grows in damp meadows, in flood plain forests, from lowlands to foothills. It flowers from March to April.

Description: Perennial herb with a bulb, 10–25 cm high. The single basal leaf is linear, stem leaves are lanceolate. The star-shaped flowers are yellow in an umbel at the top of a single stem. The fruit is a capsule.

Note: Formerly it was used as a medicinal herb.

Gagea luteaGagea lutea
Gagea lutea

These images were taken in Czechia, Brno-Bystrc (March 30, 2004).