Syn.: Orchis conopsea L., Habenaria conopsea (L.) Benth.
Family: Orchidaceae Juss.

Gymnadenia conopsea conopsea

Distribution: Eurasian species, from Europe across Siberia to the Far East.

Ecology: Grows scattered on meadows, pastures, grassy slopes, on lime-stone, from lowlands to mountains.

Description: Perennial herb with erect stem, 25–55 cm high. Leaves 3 to 9, oblong-lanceolate, to 20 cm long. The flowers are small, pink to purple, rarely white, flowers from May to July. The fruit is a capsule.

Endangering and Protection: The Fragrant Orchid is a strictly protected plant in some countries (A, BY, CH, CZ, D, I, PL, SK), simultaneously is protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Gymnadenia conopsea conopseaGymnadenia conopsea
Gymnadenia conopsea conopseaGymnadenia conopsea conopsea
Gymnadenia conopsea conopseaGymnadenia conopsea conopsea

These images were taken in Czechia, Moravia, Bílé Karpaty, Čertoryje (May 18, June 20, and July 13, 2003).