Family: Hypericaceae Juss.
Hypericum perforatum
Distribution: Europe beyond Arctic area, Northern Africa, Turkey, Northern Iran and Northwestern China. Naturalized in temperate and subtropic areas of all continents.
Habitat: Grows in woodland clearings, on bushy slopes, on grassland, in fields and by the roadside, from lowland to mountains. Blooms from May to September.
Description: Perennial herb with erect stem, 30–100 cm high. Leaves ovate-elliptic, hairless, 15–35 mm long, 5–15 mm wide, with conspicuous translucent dots. Flowers in terminal inflorescences, corollas golden yellow, sepals and petals black-dotted. The fruit is a capsule.
Use: The flowering stems are used medicinally.
Hypericum perforatumHypericum perforatum
Hypericum perforatum
Photo: July 28, 2005 (Czechia, Prague, Stodůlky).