Syn.: Iris rosenbachiana var. violacea Regel, Juno rosenbachiana (Regel) Vved.
Family: Iridaceae Juss.

Iris rosenbachiana

Distribution: Middle Asia, endemic species of the Turkestanian floristic province of the Irano-Turanian region – Tajikistan, Afghanistan. Described from upper Ak-su. The only population of this species with dark purple flowers (on our images) was found near Tovilj Dara village in Tajikistan.

Ecology: It grows in arid habitats, on stony slopes of the lower mountain zone, up to 2000 m. It blooms from March to April.

Description: Perennial herb, 10–12 cm tall, with a short, fusiform roots and bulb about 1.5 cm in diameter. Stem very short, leaves ensiform, developing together with flowers. Flowers solitary or 2–3, perianth tube 9–10 cm long, the outer perianth segments 4–5.5 cm long, spathulate, obcordate, very spreading, the inner segments 2.5–3 cm long, oblanceolate, down turned. The flowers are either blue or purplish with the tips of the inner segments and stigmas blackish violet or violet purple, the outer segments have an elevated yellow ridge down the middle, with violet spots on each side. Fruit is a capsule.

Iris rosenbachianaIris rosenbachiana
Iris rosenbachiana
Iris rosenbachiana

These images were taken in Czechia, Bohemia, Průhonice, Chotobuz Botanical Garden (27. 3. 2011).