Karel Bergmann
I am a herper. That’s an English word for somebody who is into reptiles. As I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we are very poor in reptiles here; one species of lizard and about 4 or 5 species of snakes. However, we have lots of wildflowers and birds. So now I direct my passion to what’s available. I’m taking lots of pictures and as a volunteer for Calgary Naturalist Club, I lead botany trips into Calgary environs showing beauty of our flowers, of course with their names, to anybody interested in botany. During the growing season I lead maybe 20 botany trips, 3–4 mushroom ones, and 1 lizard trip. As I needed Czech names of the plants for my picture blog for my old friends without English, I came upon BOTANY.cz. And here I am.

I am the author of the following articles: