Syn.: Lunaria odorata Lam.
Family: Brassicaceae Burnett

Lunaria rediviva

Distribution: Central Europe and mountain areas of Southeastern Europe (the Apennines, Dinarides, Carpathians and mountains of the Balkan Peninsula), apart in Western Europe (the Massif Central, Pyrenees, Sardinia and Spain), European Russia, Baltic states, Southern Scandinavia. An introduced species to Great Britain, Northern America and New Zealand.

Ecology: It grows in open mountain forests and in ravines, on screes, from foothills to mountains.

Description: A perennial herb with a creeping rhizome and erect stem, 30–140 cm high. The leaves are petiolate, cordate, upper ones lanceolate, toothed. The flowers are arranged in racemes, fragrant, light violet, flowers from May to July. The fruit is a large siliqua.

Endangering and Protection: The Perennial Honesty is a protected plant in some countries (CZ).

Note: The plant is used medicinally.

Lunaria redivivaLunaria rediviva
Lunaria rediviva

These images were taken in Czechia, the Moravian Karst, Pustý žleb (May 17 and July 27, 2003).