Family: Scrophulariaceae Juss.
Melampyrum arvense
Distribution: Southeastern Europe, also Central Europe and Southern Scandinavia, Italy, France and Spain, from Asia Minor across Caucasus to the river Tobol.
Habitat: It grows on sunny slopes and margins of wood, mainly in the lowlands.
Description: An annual herb with an erect and branched stem, 15–40 cm high. The leaves are opposite, lanceolate, bracts are purple. The flowers in a dense spike, pink with yellow throat and deep pink lip, 2–2,5 cm long. Flowers from May to September. The fruit is a capsule.
Endangering and Protection: The Field Cow-wheat is an endangered and protected species in some countries (CZ, GB).
Melampyrum arvenseMelampyrum arvense
Melampyrum arvense
Photos: 1. 7. 2003 and 6. 6. 2004 (Czechia, Brno, Kamenný vrch and Hustopečská vrchovina, Kurdějov).