Syn.: Cryophytum crystallinum (L.) N . E. Br., Gasoul crystallinum (L.) Rothm.
Family: Aizoaceae Rudolphi

Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Distribution: Native to South Africa (Cape Province, Namibia), naturalized in the Mediterranean and Macaronesia, and it has been also introduced into North America (California, Mexico), South America (Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Argentina) and Australia.

Ecology: It grows on cliffs, maritime sands, salt marshes and disturbed grounds.

Description: An annual to biennial succulent herb with trailing and branched stem, up to 100 cm wide and 10–20 cm high, densely papillose with large bladder cells. The leaves are sessile or petiolate, ovate to spatulate. The flowers in cyme, 2–3 cm in diameter, the petals are linear, longer than calyx, white. Flowers year-round, mostly from spring to autumn. The fruit is a capsule.

Use: Mesembryanthemum crystallinum is in cultivation as an ornamental plant. Its leaves are edible.

Mesembryanthemum crystallinumMesembryanthemum crystallinum
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

These images were taken in Spain, the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz (date 29. 3. 2006).