Family: Boraginaceae Juss.
Nonea pulla

Nonea pulla

Distribution: Southern regions of Central Europe, Southern and Eastern Europe, Western Asia.
Habitat: It grows on sunny and dry slopes, pastures and forest edges, by roadsides, often on calcareous soils, from lowlands to foothills.
Description: An perennial, grey-haired herb with an erect stem, 30–50 cm high. The basal leaves in a rosette are petiolate, entire, oblong to lanceolate. The flowers are in axillary cymes, calyx is bell-shaped, corolla tubular, funnel-shaped, brown-violet, rarely white or yellow. Flowers from May to August.
Endangering and Protection: The Wrinklenut is an endangered species in some countries (CZ).
Nonea pullaNonea pulla
These images were taken in Czechia (Ladislav Hoskovec: 23. 4 and 9. 5. 2003 – Čejkovické Špidláky and Brno, Hády; Lucie Hodačová: April 2007 – yellow form Czechia, České středohoří, Zlatník).