Syn.: Astragalus pilosus L., Oxytropis diffusa Ledeb.
Family: Fabaceae Lindl.

Oxytropis pilosa

Oxytropis pilosa

Distribution: Central and eastern Europe, northern Asia – from France and Central Italy across European Russia to the lake Baikal and Mongolia.

Ecology: Grows on sunny grassy slopes and meadows, on rocks and sandy places, from lowlands to foothills. Flowers from May to July.

Description: Perennial herb with an erect stem, 20–40 cm high, densely hairy. The leaves are odd-pinnate, leaflets lanceolate, entire, inflorescence is an elongated raceme, flowers are light yellow. The fruit is a linear pod.

Threat and protection: The Hairy Milk Vetch is an endangered species in some countries (CZ).

Oxytropis pilosaOxytropis pilosa

These images were taken in Czechia, Moravia, Pouzdřanská step (May 23, 2004).