Syn.: Pinus montana Mill., Pinus mughus Scop., Pinus mugo subsp. mughus (Scop.) Domin, Pinus pumilio Haenke, Pinus montana subsp. pumilio (Haenke) A. et Gr., Pinus montana subsp. prostrata Tubeuf ex Hess
Family: Pinaceae Lindl.

Pinus mugo

Distribution: The Alps, Apennines, mountains of the Balkan Peninsula, Carpathians, naturalized in the Bohemian Massif.

Ecology: It grows in mountains above tree line or on peat-bog.

Description: A broad shrub or a small tree with branched trunk up to 2 m high. Needles arranged in pairs, slightly twisted, green. Cones ripen third year, are conically ovoid to globose. Mountain Pine is a very variable species.

Use: The resin of the Mountain Pine is important as the source of turpentine. It is also a very attractive ornamental tree planted in parks and gardens.

Threat and Protection: The Mountain Pine is a protected plant in some countries (Poland, Serbia).

Pinus mugo
Pinus mugoPinus mugo

These images were taken in Slovakia, Malá Fatra (June 14, 2004).