řez větvičkou jívy
Even a native handmade and unstained section through a thin sallow branchlet enables an interesting view under a low power microscopic magnification.

řez kořenem orchideje
A cross toluidine-blue stained section through the root of an orchid. Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 200×.

řez cévním svazkem mrkve
A cross toluidine-blue stained section through the vascular bundle of the carrot. Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 200×.

Svazek rostlinných cév
The native sample of a longitudinally oriented vascular bundle. The wall of the vessels is supported by the cellulosic spiral thickenings, thus remaining a shower hose. Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 400×.

List buku
The rim of a young beech leaf (Fagus sp.) with the net of its vessels.

List lípy
List lípy
The vessel architectonics of the lime leaf (Tilia sp.) under low and high power magnification. Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 30× and 200×.

The vessel architectonics of the decomposed Physalis lantern (Physalis alkekengi).

Also the three-dimensional skeleton of the tropical plant lufa (Luffa sp.) is made from vascular bundles with their elastic spirals (inset).

Smrtkové dřevo
Bordered pits in the wall of tracheid from the spruce wood (Picea sp.). Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 400×.

Stonek sítiny
Stellate parenchyma from the inner part of a Juncus effusus stem. Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 100×.

List puškvorce
List puškvorce
Rosary-like rows of cells reminding small bubbles constitute the aerenchyma of the inner part of an Acorus calamus leaf. Photomicrograph, prim. magn. 100× and 200×.

Lněné semeno s kořenem
Only 24 hours needed this white root with fine hairs to develop from the moisturized flax seed to the lenth od 5 mm. And only 6 more hours to reach 10 mm.

Kořeny ředkvičky
Kořeny ředkvičky
The root hairs of a radish (Raphanus sp.) as seen under a magnifying glass and in the microscope, magnified 400×.

Hundreds of millions years old fossilized tissue of a prehistoric woody species, as seen in the polished araukarite.