Family: Rubiaceae Juss.
Plocama pendula
Distribution: Endemic species of the Canary Islands, grows on all islands of the archipelago except Lanzarote.
Habitat: It grows on dry rocks, rocky slopes and ravine beds, most often in the lower zone – locally common, on islands La Palma and El Hierro is rather rare.
Description: A shrub with pendulous branches, 1–4 m high. The leaves are opposite, filiform, green, up to 5 cm long. The flowers are small, corolla 5–7-lobed, white. Flowers from March to July. The fruit is a small berry.
Plocama pendulaPlocama pendula
Plocama pendula
These images were taken in Spain, the Canary Islands, Tenerife, Anaga and Malpaís de Güimar (dates 31. 3. and 1. 4. 2006).