Syn.: Primula veris [var.] elatior L., Primula montana Opiz, Primula brachycalix Opiz in Bercht. et Opiz
Family: Primulaceae Vent.
Primula elatior
Distribution: Western, Central and Southern Europe, Ural, Central and Southwestern Asia.
Ecology: It grows in wet meadows, deciduous woods, thickets, from foothils to mountains. Flowers from March to April.
Description: Perennial herb, 10–30 cm high, the leaves in a basal rosette, grey-green, irregularly toothed. The calyx is tubular, corolla yellow, larger than in Cowslip. The fruit is a capsule.
Primula elatiorPrimula elatior
Primula elatiorPrimula elatior
These images were taken in Czechia, Česká Rybná (3. 4. 2004).