Syn.: Corydalis alba (Mill.) Mansf., Corydalis ochroleuca W. D. J. Koch, Fumaria alba Mill.
Family: Papaveraceae Juss.

Pseudofumaria alba

Distribution: The species is native in southeastern Europe – Italy and western part of the Balkan Peninsula (from Slovenia to northwestern Greece). It has been naturalized in western Europe (in Britain, Netherlands, Germany), southeastern Australia.

Ecology: It grows on rocks and walls, also in churchyards, from lowlands to mountains. It blooms from May to October.

Description: Perennial herb. Stems erect, branched, 10–40 cm. Leaves 3-pinnate, usually glaucous on both surfaces, petiole narrowly but distinctly winged. Racemes (4–)6–20-flowered, dense at first, later elongating; bracts scarious, oblong-lanceolate, entire, much shorter than pedicels; corolla 14–20 mm, cream or white, sepals 2, petals 4, inner petals tipped yellow, upper petal with short, blunt spur, 2–4 mm long. Fruit to 10 mm long.

Pseudofumaria alba
Pseudofumaria albaPseudofumaria alba
Pseudofumaria alba

These images were taken in Slovenia, Julian Alps, Alpinum Trenta (September 4, 2005).