chmelové šištice
chmelové šištice
The golden grains of lupulin, giving a bitter taste to the beer, are accumulated around the seeds of the hop strobilus (Humulus lupulus). Prim. magn. 400×.

Kořenové příchytky břečťanu
Root catches of the Ivy (Hedera helix).

Masožravá mucholapka
Masožravá mucholapka
A carnivorous plant Dionaea muscipula imprisoned its victims.

Štětinec laločnatý
Štětinec laločnatý
An unusual shape of the Echinocystis lobata. The two webby tunnels placed inside a drying berry contained seeds.

A view into the Bilberry flower (Vaccinium myrtillus).

Lusk tolice
A follicle of the Medicago orbicularis.

An achene of the (Carlina acaulis).

An empty dried ovary of the Carlina acaulis.