Family: Lamiaceae Martinov

Teucrium fruticans

Distribution: Western and central part of the Mediterranean region – from Portugal and northwestern Africa to Croatia. It is grown as an ornamental shrub also in other areas of the Mediterranean.

Ecology: It grows on limestone rocks in the coastal areas, up to an elevation of 600 m asl. It blooms from March to June.

Description: Evergreen shrub, up to 120 cm tall. Branches 4-angled, white-tomentose. Leaves opposite, shortly petiolate, lanceolate to ovate, up to 4 cm long, entire, tomentose beneath, thinly tomentose, often becoming glabrous and shining above. Verticillasters 2-flowered, bracts leaf-like, calyx campanulate, white-tomentose, corolla 15–25 mm, blue or lilac, with one 5-lobed lip, upper lip of corolla absent, stamens long-exserted. The fruits are nutlets.

Threat and protection: The Shrubby Germander is protected by law in France.

Note: The genus Teucrium contains approximately 250 species of herbs and shrubs, which are distributed almost worldwide.

Teucrium fruticans
Teucrium fruticansTeucrium fruticans
Teucrium fruticans

These images were taken in Italy, Gargano, Torre Gattarella (April 19, 2008).