Syn.: Leucocoma lunellii (Greene) Lunell, Leucocoma thyrsoidea (Greene) Lunell, Thalictrum campestre Greene, Thalictrum lunellii Greene, Thalictrum thyrsoideum Greene
Family: Ranunculaceae Juss.

Thalictrum venulosum

Distribution: North American species found from Yukon and Northwest Territories right through Canada with exception of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, south to US states of Washington and Oregon eastward to along Great Lakes and to Colorado and marginally to Utah, Nevada and New Mexico.

Ecology: Mixed forests, moist prairies at elevations from 600 to 3700 m. Blooms in June and July.

Description: Perennial herb, dioecious, stems 15–90 cm tall, from short rhizomes with yellow roots. Basal leaves 3–4-times compound of 3 leaflets, each with 3–6 lobes, 5–20 mm long, pale bluish green, prominently veined, petiolate; stem leaves alternate, 1–3 per stem. Inflorescence a narrow panicle, many flowered. Male flowers 6–10 mm long, sepals 4–5, greenish white to purplish, lanceolate, deciduous; stamens 7–30, anthers yellow to reddish brown, 3 mm long. Female flowers 6–8 mm long; sepals 4–5, greenish white, deciduous; pistils 5–17, green to pinkish purple. Fruit is an achene, 3–6.5 mm long, borne in erect clusters.

Thalictrum venulosum
Thalictrum venulosum
Thalictrum venulosumThalictrum venulosum

These images were taken in Canada, Alberta, Calgary, Chaparral Area (June 2014).