Syn.: Rhodococcum vitis-idaea (L.) Avrorin
Family: Vacciniaceae S. F. Gray
Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Distribution: Europe (except the southernmost areas), from Asia Minor and Caucasus through Siberia to the Far East.
Habitat: Grows in dry forests, on heaths and moors, from foothills to mountains.
Description: Low, evergreen shrub to 30 cm high. The leaves are alternate, obovate, glossy, leathery, dark green, the flowers in short terminal drooping racemes, corollas bell-shaped, white or light rosy. Flowers from May to July. The fruit is a globose, red, edible berry.
Use: The leaves and fruits are used medicinally. The ripe berries have a high concentration of vitamin C.
Vaccinium vitis-idaea
Photos from 28. 6. to 4. 9. 2003 (Czechia, Velké Dářko, Velká kotlina) and 5. 8. 2007 (Máchovo jezero).