Syn.: Osmunda lunaria L., Ophioglossum pennatum Lam
Family: Ophioglossaceae (R. Br.) Agardh
Botrychium lunaria
Distribution: Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, Northern America, Greenland, south of Southern America, Australia, New Zealand.
Ecology: Grows in meadows, pastures and among rocks and screes, from lowlands to mountains.
Description: Small fern up to 20 cm high, sterile part of single leaf simply pinnate, spore-bearing part bi- to tripinnate. Sporangia yellow-brown, ripen from May June.
Endangering and Protection: The Common Moonwort is a strictly protected in some countries (CH, CZ, D).
Botrychium lunariaBotrychium lunaria
Photos: 13. 6. 2004 (Slovakia, Malá Fatra).