Syn.: Xeranthemum squarrosum Boiss.
Family: Asteraceae Bercht. et J. Presl

Xeranthemum annuum

Distribution: Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Western Asia (Iran, Lebanon, Syria).

Ecology: It grows on sunny slopes, in vineyards, on bank, from lowlands to foothills. Flowers from May to August.

Description: An annual herb with an erect and branched stem, 20–50 cm high. The leaves are alternate, sessile, linear, densely white downy, the flower-heads are solitary, petal-like involucral bracts are spreading, pink, lilac, rarely white, tubular florets are purple. The fruit is an achene.

Threat and protection: Xeranthemum annuum is an endangered plant in some countries (Czechia – CR; Slovakia – NT).

Note: A very popular garden plant, may be used as a cut or dried flower.

Xeranthemum annuumXeranthemum annuum
Xeranthemum annuum

These images were taken in Slovakia, Burda (August 20, 2004, and May 31, 2008).