Family: Primulaceae Vent.

Glaux maritima

Distribution: The Sea-milkwort is a circumpolar species, it is found along the coasts, but also on inland salt meadows of Europe and Asia (from Russia and Middle Asia to China and Japan), also in Northern America.

Ecology: It grows on the banks of rivers, cliffs, marshy places and in saline areas near the sea, from lowlands to foothills – a halophyte.

Description: A perennial herb with a prostrate to ascending and branched stem, 4–20 cm long. The leaves are sessile, entire, lanceolate to ovate. The flowers are solitary, 5-lobed, the calyx is pink or reddish, flowers from May to September. The fruit is a capsule.

Threat and Protection: The Sea-milkwort is a protected plant species in some countries (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland).

Note: Glaux is a monotypic genus.

Glaux maritima
Glaux maritimaGlaux maritima

These images were taken in Czechia, Moravia, Dobré Pole (May 29, 2005).