Family: Euphorbiaceae Juss.

Euphorbia glochidiata

Distribution: Horn of Africa, south Somalia, southeast Ethiopia and Kenya.

Ecology: Friable and sandy soils over limestone, rocky limestone slopes, in Commiphora, Acacia communities, 140–1200 m elevation.

Description: Perennial succulent shrub, quite variable, to 130 cm tall, sparsely branched, from turnip-shaped caudex; stems light green to grey green, 10–15 mm thick, 4–5 angled, angles with shallow teeth about 3 cm apart, spines in pairs, short or longer sometimes forked. Flowers typical cyathia, monoecious, borne on short peduncles, usually with dark red bracts, sometimes much paler. Fruit is a three-seeded explosive dehiscent capsule.

Note: Easily grown plant, however, for production of seeds, you need plants of both sexes. Fortunately it can be propagated by cuttings.

Euphorbia glochidiataEuphorbia glochidiata
Euphorbia glochidiata
Euphorbia glochidiata

These images were taken in culture.